BIOL 3420 syllabus-2023.pdf

Literature review

Student examples from previous years:

How to write a sentence: Gopen and Swan 1990.pdf

Lecture Schedule & Readings & Lit review schedule

updated 10/20/23

Lab Schedule

Non-textbook lecture readings

Discussion readings

note that Hamilton’s rule is printed incorrectly in this paper. The correct equation is:  rB-C>0 

Searcy and Nowicki 2008

Pryke et al. 2001.pdf

Doucet and Montgomerie 2003.pdf

Brennan et al. 2007

Bio on Patricia Brennan 2020

Bleay et al. 2007.pdf

Emlen and Oring 1977

Mock et al. 1990

Emlen et al. 1995

Packer and Pusey 1997.pdf

Jeon 2017

Lab readings

Scientific method, strong inference

Platt 1964.pdf

Pigeons week1 (read in order)

Walcott 1996.pdf

Knight review Hagstrum 2013.pdf

Pigeons week2 (read in order)

Watts et al 2016.pdf

Herbert-Read 2015.pdf

Titmouse signaling

Queller&Murphy 2017.pdf